Sirach 17

17 Goda created manb out of dustc,

And turned him back thereunto.

He granted them da [fixed] number of daysd,

And gave them authority over alle things fon the earthf.

gHe clothed them with strength gglike unto Himselfgg g,

And made them according to His ownh image.

He put the fear of themi upon all flesh,

And kcaused them to have powerk over beasts and birdsl.

G S* 7a mWith insight and understanding He filled their heartm,

7b  And taughtm m them good and evil.

6a nHe created for themn tongue, and eyes, and ears,

6b  And He gaveo them a heart to understand,

G S 8b pTo show them the majesty of His works,

8c qAnd that they might glory in His wondrous actsq;

*That they might evermore declarer His glorious worksr,

10 And praises His holy name.

G 11 He set beforet them the covenanttt;

The law of life u He gave them for a heritageu.

12 He made an everlasting covenant with them,

And showeduu them His judgements.

13 Their eyes beheld xHisx glorious majesty,

yAnd their ear heard Hisz glorious voicez;

14 And He said unto them, aBeware of all unrighteousnessa;

And He gave them commandment, to each man concerning his neighbour.

(c) 17:15–24. God’s recompense to those who serve Him

(= 2[ + 1] + 2 + 2 distichs).

15 Their ways bare everb before Him,

They are not hid from His eyesc.

17 [dFor every nation He appointed a ruler,

But Israel is the Lord’s portione].

G 19 All their works fare [clear]f as the sun before Him,

gAnd His eyes are continually upon their waysg.

20 Their iniquities are not hid from Him,

And all htheir sinsh are [inscribed]i before the Lordk.

22 The righteousnessl of menm nis to Him as a signetn,

And the mercyo of man He preservethp as the apple of an eyeq.

23 Afterwards rHe will rise upr and recompense them,

And will visits their deedst upon their own headu.

24 Nevertheless to them that repent doth He grant a returnv,

And wcomforteth them that lose hopew x.

(d) 17:25–32. An exhortation to turn to God and forsake sin

(= 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 distichs).

25 yTurn unto the Lord, zand forsake sins;

Supplicate before (His) face, and (so) lessen offence.

26 Turn unto the Most High, and turn away from iniquityzz,

And vehemently hate the abominable thingz.

S 27 aFor what pleasure hath God in all that perisha in Hadesb,

G In place of those who live and give Him praise?

G 28 Thanksgiving perisheth from the dead as from one that is not,

(But) he that liveth and is in health praiseth the Lordc.

29 How great is the mercy of the Lordd,

And eHisf forgiveness untoe them that turn unto Himg.

S 30 hFor it is not like this in man,

Nor is (God’s) thought like the thoughts of the children of menh.

G 31 What is brighter than the sun? Yet this faileth;

And (how much more) iman, whoi (hath) the inclinationk of flesh and blood!

32 He looketh upon lthe hosts of heavenl,

mAnd on menm who are dust and ashes.

(e) 18:1–14. The works of the Almighty are past finding out; the insignificance of man, and the magnanimity of God

(= 1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 distichs).

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