Sirach 15

15 Fora he that feareth the Lord doeth this,

And he that taketh hold of the Law findeth her.

And she will meet him as a mother,

And as a youthful wife will she receive him;

And she will feed him with the bread of understanding,

And will give him the waters of knowledgeb to drink.

HA And he that stayeth upon her will not fall,

Nor shall he that trusteth in her be ashamed;

And she will exalt him above his neighbour,

And will open his mouth in the midst of the assembly.

Joy and gladness shall he find,

And she will make him inherit an everlasting name.

cUngodly menc shall not obtain her,

And the arrogant shall not look upon her.

Far from the mockers is she,

And liars do not think of her.

Praised is not seemly in the mouth of the wicked,

For it hath not been apportioned eto hime by God.

10 In the mouth of the wise praise is uttered,

And fhe who is mightyf with her shall teach her.

(c) 15:11–20. On Free-will

(= 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 distichs).

11 Say not: ‘From God is my transgression,’

For that which He hateth made He not.

12 Say not: ‘(It is) He that made me to stumble,’

For there is no need of gevil meng.

13 Evil and abomination doth the Lord hate,

And ggHe doth not let it come nigh to themgg that fear Him.

HA 14 God created man from the beginning,

hAnd placedi him in the hand of his Yeṣer.

15 If thou (so) desirest, thou canst keep the commandment,

jAnd (it is) wisdomk to do His good pleasurej.

16 Poured out before thee (are) fire and water,

Stretch forth thine hand unto that which thou desirest.

17 Life and deathl (are) before man,

That which he desireth shall be given to him.

18 Sufficient is the wisdom of the Lord,

(He is) mighty in power, and seeth all things.

19 And the eyes of God behold his works,

And He knoweth every deed of man.

20 He commanded no man to sin,

Nor gave strength to men of liesm.

(d) 16:1–5. The Curse of sinful Children

(= 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 distichs).

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