Sirach 14

14 Blessed is the man whose mouth doth not grieve him,

eAnd (who) doth not mourn for the sorrow of his hearte.

Blessed is the man whose soul doth not reproachf him,

And whose hopeg hath not ceased.

(k) 14:3–19. On the proper use of wealth

(= 2 + 3 + 3[ + 1] + 2 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 1 distichs).

To him that is small of heart wealth is unfittingh,

And whereforei should the evil-eyed have goldk?

He that withholdeth from himself gathereth for another,

And a stranger shall satiate himself with his goods.

He that harmeth his own soul, to whom will he do good?

Forl mhe hath no delightm in his own goods.

HA None is worse than him that is evil to his own soul,

And the recompense of his evil is nin himselfn.

G oAnd even if he doeth good, phe doeth it in forgetfulnessp,

And at the last qhe showeth forthq his wickednesso.

rEvil is he that envieths with his eye,

Turning away his face and despising mentr.

HA In the eye of the covetousu (too) small is his portion,

But he that taketh his neighbour’s portion vdestroyeth his own portionv.

10 wThe eye of the enviousw hastethx after bread,

And naught is on his table.

y[A good eye causeth bread to increase,

And ‘A dry fountain sendeth forth water’ upon (his) table.]y

Erubin 54a11 zMy son, aif thou possessest aught, do well to thyselfa,

bAnd prosper to the best of thy powerb.

GA 12 cRemember that death tarrieth not,

Nor hath the decree of Sheol been told theec.

13 Before thou diest do good to him that loveth (thee),

And das thou hast prosperedd, give to him.

HA 14 eRefrain not from the joy of the presente,

G fAnd let not the portion of a good desire pass thee byf.

HA 15 Wilt thou not leave thy wealth to another,

And thy labour to them that cast the lot?

16 Give and take; yea, indulge thy soul,

Erubin 54a gFor in Sheol there is no delightg.

17 All flesh witherethh like a garment,

HA And the eternal decree is: ‘Thou shalt surely die!’

18 As the leaf that groweth on a luxuriant tree,

One fadeth, and another sprouteth;

iSo (are) the generations of flesh and blood,

One dieth, and another flourishethji;

19 All his works will surely decay,

And the labour of his hands followeth after him.

(a) 14:20–27. The Blessedness of him who seeks Wisdom

(= 4 + 4 distichs).

20 Blessed (is) the man that meditatethk onl Wisdomll,

And that giveth heedm to understanding,

21 That directethn his heart upon her ways,

And giveth heed unto her pathso;

HA 22 Going forth after her like a spy,

He looketh stealthily uponp her enterings-inq.

23 [Blessed is he] that peereth into her window,

And hearkeneth at her doors;

24 Who encampeth round about her house,

And fixeth his pegs into her wall;

25 rWho pitcheths his tent tclose beside hertr,

And dwelleth in a goodly dwelling;

26 And buildethu his nestv in her foliage,

And lodgeth among her branches;

27 Seeking refuge from the heat in her shade,

He dwelleth within her habitations.

(b) 15:1–10. How Wisdom is to be attained

(= 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 distichs).

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