Sirach 12

12 wIf thou do an act of kindness, know to whom thou doest itw,

xThat thou mayst have hope of thy kindnessx.

Do acts of kindness to the righteous and find recompense;

If not from him, yfrom Jahvehy.

zNo (return of) kindness (cometh) to him that giveth satisfaction to the ungodlyz,

aNor hath he done any act of benevolencea.

HA 5 (b)bWeapons of bread give him notb,

5 (c)cLest he attack thee with themc.

5 (d)dTwofold evild shalt thou obtaine

5 (e)fFor all the good thou shalt have brought himf.

For God also hateth them that are evil,

g And to the ungodly He repayeth vengeanceg.

7(4) Give to the good hand withholdh from the evil;

5 (a) iRefreshi jthe humblej, and kgive notk lto the arrogantl.

(f) 12:8–13:1. Against trust in false friends

(= 2 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 1 distichs)

A friend mis not knownm in prosperity

And an enemy is not hidden in adversity.

nIn a man’s prosperity even an enemy is friendlyn,

But in his adversity even a friend oholdeth aloofo.

10 Never trust pan enemyp,

qFor even as brass his wickedness rustethq.

HA 11 Year, when he is obsequiousr sand walketh humblys,

tTake caret uto have a fear of himu:

Be to him vas one that brighteneth a mirrorvw

xAnd so (thou shalt) know how to be rid of rustx.

12 Let him not stand beside thee

Lest he thrust thee aside and stand in thy place:

Set him not at thy right hand

Lest he seek thy seat—

yAnd too late thou shalt comprehendy my words,

zAnd sigh o’er my pleaz!

13 Whoa pitietha bthe charmer that is stungb,

Or any one that cometh nigh ca ravening beastc?

14 dSo is he that associateth with an impious mand,

eAnd polluteth himself with his iniquitiesef.

15 g hSo long as thou standest he doth not reveal himselfh,

But if ithou falli jhe no longer restraineth himselfjg.

HA 16 kWith his lips lan adversary speaketh sweetlylm,

But in his heart he deviseth ndeep pitfallsn.

oYeao, though an enemy pweep with his eyesp,

qWhenq he findeth opportunity he will not be satiated with blood.

17 If misfortune have befallen thee rhe is at handr;

sAs though ready to help he seizeth the heels.

18 He shaketh tthe headt uand waveth the handu,

vAnd with much whisperingv wchangethw his countenance.

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