Judith 12

12And he commanded to bring her in where his silver vessels were set, and bade that they should prepare for her of his own meats, and that she should drink of his own wine. And Judith said, I will not eat thereof, lest there be an occasion of stumbling: but provision shall be made for me of the things that are come with me. And Holofernes said unto her, But if the things that be with thee should fail, whence shall we be able to give thee the like? for there is none of thy race with us. And Judith said unto him, As thy soul liveth, my lord, thy servant shall not spend those things that be with me, until the Lord work by my hand the things that he hath determined. And the servants of Holofernes brought her into the tent, and she slept till midnight, and she rose up toward the morning watch, and sent to Holofernes, saying, Let my lord now command that they suffer thy servant to go forth unto prayer. And Holofernes commanded his guards that they should not stay her: and she abode in the camp three days, and went out every night into the valley of Bethulia, and washed herself at the fountain of water in the camp. And when she came up, she besought the Lord God of Israel to direct her way to the raising up of the children of his people. And she came in clean, and remained in the tent, until she took her meat toward evening.

10 And it came to pass on the fourth day, Holofernes made a feast to his own servants only, and called none of the officers to the banquet. 11 And he said to Bagoas the eunuch, who had charge over all that he had, Go now, and persuade this Hebrew woman which is with thee, that she come unto us, and eat and drink with us. 12 For, lo, it is a shame for our person, if we shall let such a woman go, not having had her company; for if we draw her not unto us, she shall laugh us to scorn. 13 And Bagoas went from the presence of Holofernes, and came in to her, and said, Let not this fair damsel fear to come to my lord, and to be honoured in his presence, and to drink wine and be merry with us, and to be made this day as one of the daughters of the children of Asshur, which wait in the house of Nebuchadnezzar. 14 And Judith said unto him, And who am I, that I should gainsay my lord? for whatsoever shall be pleasing in his eyes I will do speedily, and this shall be my joy unto the day of my death. 15 And she arose, and decked herself with her apparel and all her woman’s attire; and her servant went and laid fleeces on the ground for her over against Holofernes, which she had received of Bagoas for her daily use, that she might sit and eat upon them. 16 And Judith came in and sat down, and Holofernes’ heart was ravished with her, and his soul was moved, and he desired exceedingly her company: and he was watching for a time to deceive her, from the day that he had seen her. 17 And Holofernes said unto her, Drink now, and be merry with us. 18 And Judith said, I will drink now, my lord, because my life is magnified in me this day more than all the days since I was born. 19 And she took and ate and drank before him what her servant had prepared. 20 And Holofernes took great delight in her, and drank exceeding much wine, more than he had drunk at any time in one day since he was born.

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