1 Maccabees 1:1–9

Introduction. 1:1–9.

1:1–4. The Victory of Alexander the Great over the Persians, and the founding of his empire.

1And it came to pass after Alexander, the son of Philip the Macedoniana, who came from the land of Chittim, had smitten Darius, king of the Persians and Medesb, that he reigned in his steadc. And he waged many wars, and won strongholdsd, eand slew kingsf, and pressed forward to the ends of the earth, and took spoils from many peoplese. But when the land was silencedg before him, h ihe became exaltedh, and his heart was lifted upi. Then he gathered together ka very mighty armyk, and ruled over lands and peoples and principalitiesl; and they became tributary unto him.

1:5–9. The sickness and death of Alexander; the division of his empire.

And after these things he took to hism bed, and perceived that he was about to die. Then he called his chief ministers, men who had been brought up with him from his youth, and divided his kingdom among them while he was yet alive. And Alexander had reigned twelve years when he died. And his ministers ruled, each in his particular domain. And after he was dead they all assumed the diadem, and their sons after them [did likewise; and this continued for] many years. And these wrought much evil on the earth.

The Cause of the Maccabaean Revolt. 1:10–64.

1:10–15. Antiochus Epiphanes and the Hellenistic party in Judæa.

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