Tobit 13:9–17

9 O Jerusalem, the holy city,

he afflictedf you for the deeds of your hands,g

but will again have mercy on the children of the righteous.

10 Acknowledge the Lord, for he is good,h

and bless the King of the ages,

so that his tenti may be rebuilt in you in joy.

May he cheer all those within you who are captives,

and love all those within you who are distressed,

to all generations forever.

11 A bright light will shine to all the ends of the earth;

many nations will come to you from far away,

the inhabitants of the remotest parts of the earth to your holy name,

bearing gifts in their hands for the King of heaven.

Generation after generation will give joyful praise in you;

the name of the chosen city will endure forever.

12 Cursed are all who speak a harsh word against you;

cursed are all who conquer you

and pull down your walls,

all who overthrow your towers

and set your homes on fire.

But blessed forever will be all who revere you.j

13 Go, then, and rejoice over the children of the righteous,

for they will be gathered together

and will praise the Lord of the ages.

14 Happy are those who love you,

and happy are those who rejoice in your prosperity.

Happy also are all people who grieve with you

because of your afflictions;

for they will rejoice with you

and witness all your glory forever.

15 My soul blessesk the Lord, the great King!

16 For Jerusalem will be builtl as his house for all ages.

How happy I will be if a remnant of my descendants should survive

to see your glory and acknowledge the King of heaven.

The gates of Jerusalem will be built with sapphire and emerald,

and all your walls with precious stones.

The towers of Jerusalem will be built with gold,

and their battlements with pure gold.

The streets of Jerusalem will be paved

with ruby and with stones of Ophir.

17 The gates of Jerusalem will sing hymns of joy,

and all her houses will cry, ‘Hallelujah!

Blessed be the God of Israel!’

and the blessed will bless the holy name forever and ever.”

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