Lexham Geographic Commentary

on the Gospels

Barry J. Beitzel

General Editor

Kristopher A. Lyle

Contributing Editor

Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface

Beitzel, Barry J.

The Birthplace of Jesus and the Journeys of His First Visitors

Matt 2:1–12; Luke 2:1–20

Wright, Paul H.

Luke’s Birth Narrative

Luke 2:1–7

Foreman, Benjamin A.

Matthew’s Birth Narrative

Matt 2:1–18

Foreman, Benjamin A.

The Size and Makeup of Nazareth at the Time of Jesus

Matt 2:23

Wright, Paul H.

Ministry in the Wilderness

Matt 3:1–12; Luke 3:1–20

Taylor, Aubrey L.

Wilderness Events: The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus

Matt 3:13–4:11; Luke 3:21–4:15

Taylor, Aubrey L.

Locating the Baptism of Jesus

John 1:19–2:1

Foreman, Benjamin A.

Jesus’ Ministry at Cana in Galilee

John 2:1–11; 4:46–54; 21:2

Thomassen, Emily J.

Capernaum: A Strategic Home for the Messiah

Matt 4:12–17; Luke 4:14–41; John 4:43–45

Taylor, Aubrey L.

At the Well of Sychar

John 4:7–38

Phillips, Perry G.

On the Brow of the Hill at Nazareth

Luke 4:16–20

Phillips, Elaine A.

The Domestic Architecture of Capernaum and Beyond

Matt 8–9 with Synoptic Parallels

Phillips, Elaine A.

The Crowds That Followed Jesus

Mark 3:7–8; see also Matt 4:24–25; Luke 6:17–18

Phillips, Perry G.

Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda

John 5:1–9

Franz, Gordon

The Words and Teachings of Jesus in the Context of Galilee

Matt 5:13–16; 6:25–33; Luke 15:11–15

Alexander, Vernon H.

Shared Memories of Resurrection on the Hill of Moreh

Luke 7:11–17

Thomassen, Emily J.

Crossing to “The Other Side” of the Sea of Galilee

Matt 8:18–22; Mark 5:1–20; Luke 8:26–39

Parker, Cyndi

Fishing the Sea of Galilee

Matt 13:47–50; Luke 5:1–11; John 21:6

Laney, J. Carl

What Type of Storms Did Jesus Calm: Wind or Rain?

Matt 8:23–27; 14:22–33

Franz, Gordon

Pig Husbandry in Israel during the New Testament

Matt 7:6; 8:28–34; Mark 5:1–20; Luke 8:26–39; 15:11–32

McKinny, Chris

Where Did the Possessed-Pigs Drown?

Matt 8:28–34; Mark 5:1–20; Luke 8:26–39

Bolen, Todd

Ancient Harbors of the Sea of Galilee

Matt 4:18–22; Mark 8:1–9; 8:10; Luke 8:26–40; John 6:1–14

Franz, Gordon

The Feedings of the Multitudes: When, Where, and Why?

Matt 14:13–21; 15:29–39; Mark 6:31–44; 8:1–10; Luke 9:11–17; John 6:1–13

Franz, Gordon

Jesus’ Journey into Gentile Territories

Mark 7:24–31; Matt 15:21–29

Thomassen, Emily J.

The Geography of Forgiveness

Matt 14:13–21; 15:29–39; 16:5–12

Beck, John A.

Natural Amphitheaters along the Sea of Galilee

Matt 14:13–21; Mark 6:30–44; Luke 9:10–17; John 6:1–14

Phillips, Perry G.

Jesus Heals a Blind Man Near Bethsaida

Mark 8:22–26

Foreman, Benjamin A.

Jesus’ Interpretation of Weather Patterns

Matt 16:1–4; Luke 12:44–55

Phillips, Elaine A.

Peter’s Declaration at Caesarea Philippi

Matt 16:13–23; Mark 8:27–30; Luke 9:18–20

Phillips, Elaine A.

The Geographical Significance of the Transfiguration

Matt 17:1–13; Mark 9:2–13; Luke 9:28–36

Foreman, ...

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