A Brief Necessary VINDICATION Of the Old and New SECLUDED MEMBERS, from the false malicious CALVMNIES; AND Of the Fundamental Rights, Liberties, Privileges, Government, Interest of the Freemen, Parliaments, People of England, from the late avowed Subversions

• 1. Of John Rogers, in his Un-christian Concertation with Mr. Prynne, and others.

• 2. Of M: Nedham, in his Interest will not lie.

Wherein the true Good Old Cause is asserted, the false routed; The old secluded Members cleared from all pretended breach of trust; The old Parliament proved to be totally dissolved by the Kings death; The sitting Juncto to be no Parliament and speedily to be dissolved by the Army-Officers; The Oathes of Supremacy, Allegiance, Fealty to the King, his Heirs and Successors, to be still binding, continuing: The New Commonwealth to be the Iesuites Project; Ch. Stewart not sworn to Popery, as Nedham slanders him; The restitution of our Hereditary King and Kingly Government, not an Vtopian Republike, evidenced beyond contradiction to be Englands true Interest both as Men and Christians; and the only way to peace, safety, settlement. By WILLIAM PRYNNE of Swainswick Esq a Bencher of Lincolns-Inne.

Jer. 51. 9, 10.

We would have healed (ENGLISH) BABYLON, but she would not be healed; forsake her, and let us go every one to his own Country; for her judgement reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies: The Lord hath brought forth our righteousness; come and let us declare in Zion, the work of the Lord our God.

Ps. 63. 11.

But the mouth of them that speak Lies shall be stopped.

London, Printed, and are to be sold by Edward Thomas at the Adam and Eve in Little Britain, 1659.

A brief necessary Vindication, of the Old and New secluded Members, &c.

ON the 17. of this instant September, (during my private retirement in the Country for my health and quiet,) I received 2. Books, fraught with malicious calumnies, bitter scoffs, insufferable Reproaches, against my Self and other secluded Members; yea destructive to the very fundamental Rights, Liberties, Privileges, Government, Interest of the Freemen, Parliaments and Realm of England, for which we have so many years contested.

The 1. of these thus intituled, A Christian Concertation, with M. Prynne, M. Baxter, M. Harrington: for the true Cause of the Commonwealth, &c. by J: Rogers. A most scurrillous Pasquil, fraught with absurd impertinencies, conjuring, canting, new-coyned1 swelling words of vanity, odious comparisons, bitter scoffs, rayling Epethites,2 loathsom, stinking obscene Queres, defiling the very air;3 boyish tricks, playing with mens names and reputations, (which he4 severely censures in others, yet is most guilty of himself) displaying him to be, rather a5 conjuring Sorcerer, than Gospel-Minister, an Apostate scoffing Lucian, than sober real Christian, standing much in need of the6 several Pills he prescribes Mr. Baxster, to purge his filthy stomack, spleen, brain, heart, pen, from such rotten stinking ...

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A brief necessary vindication of the old and new secluded Members, from the false malicious calumnies

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