A Brief of the Case of the Officers belonging to the Court of Wards and Liveries not yet recompenced for the loss of their Offices, by taking away the said Court.

1THe Lords and Commons ordered satisfaction to be given to all the said Officers.

2The Commons appointed a Committee to consider of their losses and damages, and to report a fit recompence for them.

The said Committee conceived and voted six years purchase for their Offices according to the true value, and one years damage to be a fit recompence.

3Master Thorpe (now one of the Barons of the Exchequer) being Chair-man to the said Committee, makes the Report for some of the Grand Officers, namely the Master, the Surveyor, the Atturney, and the Receiver of the said Court, and the Clerk for ingrosling Licences and pardons of alienation, who were ordered satisfaction according to six years value and one years damage, to be paid out of the arrears of the said Court, and out of Fines of Delinquents.

4That Report was revived, and thereupon it was ordered by the Commons to be referred to the said Committee to consider how, and what satisfaction should be made to the rest of the said Officers unsatisfyed in the former report.

5Divers members were added to the said Committee, who the 21. of August 1649. prepared their report, and reduced the said Officers recompence from the proportion of six years purchase, and one yeers damage (formerly voted a fit recompence for the loss of their Offices) to three years purchase and a half without consideration of any damages, according to which proportion, one half being abated after three years attendance, there was only voted to the said Officers these sums following, viz. To Mr. Wilson 1300l. To Auditor Took 3000l. To Mr. Shadwell 1300l. To Mr. Hanchett 3500l. To Mr. Wilkinson 1200l. and to Mr. Thompson 1000l. And Mr. Blagrave the then Chair-man, was ordered by the said Committee to report the same forthwith.

6Mr. Blagrave offered to make his Report to the Parliament from the said Committee, but they not being then at leisure to hear the same, ordered that Mr. Blagrave should make the said Report that day fortnight the first business.

Since which time no Report could be made by reason of the emergent occasions of the Parliament, notwithstanding much diligence used, and Mr. Blagraves endeavours to Report the same.

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