A BODY OF DIVINITIE, OR THE SVMME AND SVBSTANCE OF Christian Religion, Catechistically propounded, and explained, by way of Question and Answer: Methodically and familiarly handled. Composed long since by JAMES VSHER B. of ARMAGH. And at the earnest desires of divers godly Christians now Printed and Published.

VVhereunto is adjoyned a Tract, intituled IMMANVEL, OR THE MYSTERY OF THE Incarnation of the SON OF GOD; Heretofore writen and published by the same Author.

JOHN 17. 3.

This is life eternall, that they might know thee the onely true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.

LONDON, Printed by M. F. for THO: DOVVNES and GEO: BADGER, and are to be sold in S. Dunstans Church-yard in Fleetstreet. MDCXLV.

To the Christian Reader.

CHristian Reader, I doe here present and commend unto thee a booke of great worth and singular use, which was written and finished about twenty years since: the Author whereof is well knowne to bee so universally eminent in all Learning, and of that deepe knowledge, and judgement in sacred Divinity, that he transcendeth all elogies and praises which I can give him. I commend it unto the (Christian Reader) under a two-fold notion; the first respecteth the subject matter of this whole Work, which is of greatest excellency, ad being The summe and substance of Christian Religion, upon which as a most sure foundation we build our faith, ground all our hopes, and from which we reap, and retain all our joy and comfort in the assurance of our salvation; which as at all times it is most profitable to be read, studied and known, so now (if ever) most necessary in these our days, wherein men never more neglected these fundamentall principles, as being but common and ordinary truths, and spend their whole time, study, and discourse about Discipline, Ceremonies, and circumstantiall points; and herein also not contenting themselves with those common rules, and that clear light which shineth in the Word; they are onely led by their own phantasies, daily creating unto themselves diversity of new opinions: and so falling into sects and schismes they break the bond of love, and fall off from the communion of Saints, as though it were no Article of their Creed; and being in love with their own new Tenets, as being the conception and birth of their own brains, they contend for them more then for any fundamentall truths; and not onely so, but also hate, maligne, and most bitterly, and uncharitably censure all those that differ from them in their opinions, though never so conscientious and religious, as though they professed not the same faith, yea, served not the same God, nor beleeved in the same Christ; but remain still Aliens from the Common-wealth of Israel, and in comparison of themselves no better then Papists, or at the best but carnall Gospellers. The second notion under which I commend it respecteth the Work it self, or the manner of the Authors handling it, which is done so soundly and solidly, so judiciously and exactly, so methodically ...

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A body of divinitie, or, The summe and substance of Christian religion catechistically propounded, and explained, by way of question and answer

About A body of divinitie, or, The summe and substance of Christian religion catechistically propounded, and explained, by way of question and answer

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