A Brief Account OF THE Indictment, Tryal, Conviction, and Execution OF Mr. ROBERT BAILZIE OF JERRESSWOOD, Upon the 22th, 23th, and 24th of December 1684. at His Majesties Capital City of Edinburgh, in his Ancient Kingdom of Scotland. Where the said Mr. Robert Bailzie was hanged and afterwards Quartered for HIGH TREASON.

ON Monday December the 22th 1684. about nine in the Morning, the said Mr. Robert Bailzie, of Jerresswood, had his Indictment by sound of Trumpet, and Heraulds in their Formalities, to appear the 23th at two of the Clock in the Afternoon before the Lords Commissioners of the Judiciary, at which time he did appear accordingly.

The Assize and Witnesses being called, and silence made, and he in Pannel; his Indictment was read by the Clerk of the Court with an audible Voice, to the effect following, viz.

That he, the said Robert Bailzie, having casten off the fear of God, Allegiance to his Sovereign Lord the King; had most treacherously, notwithstanding of several Laws and Acts, resett, harboured, maintained and corresponded with Archibald Champbell, late Earl of Argile, and Mr. Veatch, two desperat and ore-faulted Traitors; and that he had joyned in Councel with the late Lord Russel, Commissar Monroe, the Lord Melvill, Sir Thomas Armstrong, Sir John Cochran, the two Cessnocks and divers others, in that hellish Conspiracy for taking away the Lives of his Sacred Majesty and Royal Highness, and for subverting the Government, and for that effect had assisted, voted, and consulted, for the uplifting of ten thousand Pounds Sterling, for buying of Arms, to be employed for raising of Forces, &c.

His Majesties Advocate produced his Warrand from the Lords of the Privy-Councel, for his Insisting against him, and Sir George Lockhart, and Sir John Louder, upon their Allegiance to assist the King’s Advocate, which they did.

The Advocates for the Pannel (i. e. Prisoner) were Sir Patrick Hoome, Mr. Walter Pringle, Mr. William Fletcher, Mr. James Grahame, and Mr. William Bailzie, who protested they might have the liberty of a free Debate, which was granted, and they insisted, that as to the Corresponding with the Rebels libelled, it ought not to be sustained as a point of Dittay, it being Res hactenus Judicata, the Pannel being fined in six thousand pound Sterling before the Councel for the said Crime already.

His Majesties Advocate hereupon restricted his Libel to the other Crimes libelled.

The Lords found the Libel Relevant, and admitted the same to Probation.

Then the Jury were chosen and sworn, viz.

• The Right Honourable the Earl of Strathmoir.

• The Right Honourable the Earl of Balcarrass.

• Sir. George Skeene, Provost of Aberdeene.

• Sir. James Flemminge, Provost of Edinburgh.

• Sir. John Ramsey of Whitehill.

• Mr. Andrew Hepburne of Humbie.

• Mr. Andrew Bruce of Earleshall.

• Mr. John Stewart Tuttor of Appin.

• Mr. Alexander Miln of Carrin.

• Mr. James Ellies of Stein〈…〉 ills.

• Sir William Drummond of Hauthornden.

• Major Andrew White, Lieutenant ...

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About A brief account of the indictment, tryal, conviction and execution of Mr. Robert Bailzie of Jeresswood upon the 22th, 23th and 24th of December 1684

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