A BRIEFE DISCOVERIE OF DOCTOR ALlens seditious drifts, contriued in a Pamphlet written by him, Concerning the yeelding vp of the towne of Deuenter, (in Ouerrissel) vnto the king of Spain, by Sir William Stanley. The contentes whereof are particularly set downe in the page following.

Reuelation Cap. 17. ver. 3.

And I sawe a woman sit vpon a skarlet-coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, which had seiren heades, and ten hornes. and ver. 9. The seuen heads are seuen mountaines, whereon the woman sitteth.

Matth. Chap. 15. ver. 6.

Thus haue ye made the commandement of God of no authoritie by your traditions. and Chap. 23. ver. 13. Woe therefore be vnto you Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites, because ye shutvp the kingdome of heauen before men, for ye your selues goe not in, neither suffer ye them that would enter, to come in.

Matth. Chap. 7. ver. 15.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheepes cloathing, but inwardly they are rauening woolues.

LONDON Imprinted by I. W. for Francis Coldock. 1588.

A Summarie collection of the particular contentes of this discourse.

• FIrst, all the arguments brought by D. Allen in his said pāphlet, for the iustification of the deliuering vp of Deuenter, are particularly discussed, and fully answered: & her Maiesties actions in the reliefe and defense of the lowe Countreys, against the king of Spain, by D. Allens owne arguments and assertions, & by the authorities of his own autours, proued most iust and lawfull.

• Secondly, his malicious mynde and purposes against her Maiestie and the state, are openly displayed together with his cūning order, methode, & meanes which he vseth to accomplish the same: his sclandrous defamations also of her Maiesties most honorable and princely actions, and of her Ministers & countrey, in like sort answered, and retorted: and the Popes autoritie to depose princes vtterly confuted and ouerthrowen by D. Allens owne arguments, and examples of Scripture, which hee himselfe produceth.

• Thirdly, his seditious persuasiōs to her Maiesties liege people, are by the defeating of his arguments and examples (cited to that effect) most forcibly encoūtred: and some grosse errours & ouersights in pollicie, escaped him in his pāflet, manifestly detected.

• Lastly, the Subiectes are by example of the Romanists double and irreligious dealing, disswaded from the credit of their doctrine and persuasions, and by the due consideration of their owne dutie, weale, and tranquillitie, exhorted to the due obedience of her Maiestie, maintenance of their own safetie, and defense of their deer Countrey.

To the Reader.

THis pamphlet of Doctor Allens, which hath ministred the occasion of this discouerie, is pretended to be written by him in manner of a letter, dated at Rome the 20. of Aprill, 1587 to satisfie the consciences of those English souldiers, which had in Ianuarie before deliuered vp the Cittie of Deuenter vnto the King of Spaine, and reuolted frō her Maiestie (their liege Soueraigne) vnto ...

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About A briefe discouerie of Doctor Allens seditious drifts contriued in a pamphlet written by him, concerning the yeelding vp of the towne of Deuenter, (in

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