A breefe Treatise Of the vertue of the Crosse: And the true manner hovv to honour it. Translated out of French into English.

1. Cor. 1. ver. 23. We preache Christ crucified.

St. Chrisostome. The Crosse of Christ is to vs the Sunne of Iustice, that beeing lightened by the mercie thereof, wee may glorific the Father, the Sonne, and the holy Ghoste.

AT LONDON, Printed for Edward ƲƲhite, and are to be solde at the little North doore of S. Paules Church, at the signe of the Gun▪ 1599.

TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE Sr, STEPHEN SOAME, Knight, Lord Maior of the Cittie of London: And to the vertuous Ladie his wife, all happinesse and hearts content vnfainedly wished.

MY good Lord, in respect of some fauors from you receiued, as also in regard of the dutious affection I beare you, I am bolde to present you and your Ladie with this little remembrance, though simple and small in shew, yet of inestimable valew in substance. Ingratitude is the most abiect sinne in the worlde, and caniustly challenge no excuse for it selfe, bee it in how great or meane persons soeuer: And therefore least my selfe should therewith bee tainted, hauing found such extraordinarie gentlenesse both in you and my good Ladie your wife, I haue made a learned and diuine French man my intercessour, to tell you in rude English, that I forget not such fauours.

And the rather made I choice of his furtherance heerin, because on good Fryday last, your Honour with the rest of your Brethrē, heard at Paules Crosse, a verie learned Sermon tending to this purpose, I meane the crosse, death, & passion of Christ Iesus, which iumping so neere with this Argument, and well worthie to be continued in remembrance: I could finde no fitter meanes for the same, then this most excellent and learned French Treatise, which handles both the sacred vertue of the crosse, and also what worshippe ought to be giuen thereto.

I beseech you my good Lord and Lady, when leisure from weightie occasions vvill so permit it, that you would but vouchsafe this Treatise the reading: happily you shall finde somewhat therein well worthie noting, and I hope vvithall, the true sinceritie of my affection toward you, which being but so found, and by you as kindly accepted, I shall remaine alvvaies yours for any further imployement, be it euen to the vttermost of all my endeuours.

Since in this world nothing can perfect bee, Pardon I pray, if you these faults do see.

B. pag. 1. lin 13. for haue plunged, read, hauing plunged. Pag, 7. lin 21. for, 1. Cor 1 verse. 23, read, 1. Cor. 2. verse 2. Pag 9 lin. 20 for▪ ones aith▪ read▪ one saith Pag 13. lin. 5. for, Colosl. 5. verse 15. read, Phil. 3. verse 3.

C. Pag. 14. lin: 1▪ for, so phistically, read, sophistically. and lin. 26, for, Chirst. read Christ.

D. Pag. 2. lin 24. for, Apostasta, read, Apostata. Pag. 3, lin. 15, for, begit, read beg it. Pag 4. lin. 21. for, 2. Cor. 7. read 1. Cor 7. Pag. 7. lin. 20▪ and 21. for, was in honour, &c. read, is in honor and at his end▪ at his end in respect of ...

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