A Bill of Fare: For, A Saturday nights Supper, A Sunday morning Breakfast, and A Munday Dinner, Described in a pleasant new merry Ditie. To the tune of Cooke Laurell, or, Michaelmas Terme.

ILe tell you a Iest, which you’l hardly beleeue:

No matter for that, you shall hear’t right or wrong,

A hungry appetite may perhaps grieue,

To heare such a Banquet set forth in a Song,

He rather would haue it then heare on’t hée’l say,

But I cannot promise him such a faire sight;

All that I can doe, is with words to display,

What we had to Supper on Saturday night.

Inprimis, foure Fancies, two boyld, and two roast,

A large dish of Enimions (good for one’s drinke)

Sir Pelican Chickens as hote as a toast,

And six Birds of Paradise, brae meat I thinke,

A couple of Phenix, a Cocke and a Hen,

That late from Arabia had tan their flight.

I thinke such a Banquet was ne’re made for men,

As wee had to Supper on Saturday night.

Two paire of Elephants Pettitoes boyld,

A greene Dragon Spitchcock (an excellent dish)

One messe by the Cooke was like to be spoil’d,

And yet by good hap ‘twas to euery one’s wish:

It was a Rhenoceros boyld in Alegant,

To all who did taste it, gaue great delight:

Iudge whether we haue not occasion to vaunt

Of this our rare Supper on Saturday night.

A Calues head was roast with a pudding i’th belly,

(Of which all the women did heartily feed)

A dish of Irish Harts hornes boyld to a Ielly,

(Which most men esteem’d as a good dish indeed)

I had almost forgotten to name a sowc’d Owle,

Brought vp to the Master o’th Feast as his right,

He lou’d it he said aboue all other Fowle,

And this was out Supper on Saturday night.

The next in due course was foure golden Horshooes,

Exactly dissolued through a Woodcocks bill,

Six Camelions in greene-sawce (Maids commonly chuse)

This dish euery day if they may haue their will,

The chine of a Lyon, the haunch of a Beare,

Well larded with Brimstone and Quicksiluer bright:

Iudge Gentlemen, was not this excellent cheere,

That wee had to Supper on Saturday night.

A whole Horse sowst after the Russian manner,

Twelue Pigs of a strange Capadocian Bitch,

Six dozen of Estridges rost, (which a Tanner

Did send out of Asia by an old Witch)

A Leg of an Eagle carbonadoed (in Snow)

The Pluck of a Grampoise stew’d till it was white,

And thus in particular I let you know,

What we had to Supper on Saturday night.

Then came in an Ell of a Iackanapes taile,

Seru’d in vpon Sippits as dainty as may be:

O that is a dainty, which rather then faile,

Might well serue to feast an Utopian Lady:

Twelue Maids were stew’d in the shell of a Shrimp,

And cause it was meat that was held very light,

They had for thir Sawce a salt pickled Pimpe,

And this was our Supper on Saturday night.

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