The New King James Version

Hosea 11:1–12

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God’s Continuing Love for Israel

11 “When Israel was a 1child, I loved him,

And out of Egypt aI called My bson.

2 2As they called them,

So they cwent 3from them;

They sacrificed to the Baals,

And burned incense to carved images.

3 “I dtaught Ephraim to walk,

Taking them by 4their arms;

But they did not know that eI healed them.

4 I drew them with 5gentle cords,

With bands of love,

And fI was to them as those who take the yoke from their 6neck.

gI stooped and fed them.

5 “He shall not return to the land of Egypt;

But the Assyrian shall be his king,

Because they refused to repent.

6 And the sword shall slash in his cities,

Devour his districts,

And consume them,

Because of their own counsels.

7 My people are bent on hbacksliding from Me.

Though 7they call 8to the Most High,

None at all exalt Him.

8 “How ican I give you up, Ephraim?

How can I hand you over, Israel?

How can I make you like jAdmah?

How can I set you like Zeboiim?

My heart 9churns within Me;

My sympathy is stirred.

9 I will not execute the fierceness of My anger;

I will not again destroy Ephraim.

kFor I am God, and not man,

The Holy One in your midst;

And I will not 1come with terror.

10 “They shall walk after the Lord.

lHe will roar like a lion.

When He roars,

Then His sons shall come trembling from the west;

11 They shall come trembling like a bird from Egypt,

mLike a dove from the land of Assyria.

nAnd I will let them dwell in their houses,”

Says the Lord.

God’s Charge Against Ephraim

12 “Ephraim has encircled Me with lies,

And the house of Israel with deceit;

But Judah still walks with God,

Even with the 2Holy One who is faithful.

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Or youth


So with MT, Vg.; LXX Just as I called them; Tg. interprets as I sent prophets to a thousand of them.


So with MT, Tg., Vg.; LXX from My face


Some Heb. mss., LXX, Syr., Vg. My arms


Lit. cords of a man


Lit. jaws


The prophets


Or upward


Lit. turns over


Or enter a city


Or holy ones

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